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When Nature of Spirit of Wild Jungle Humans in Favor than Civil Urban Animals

Is there a difference between animals and humans in nature !? Do creativity, civilization and rationalism make human life different from an animal in the jungle !?

Is there a difference between animals and humans in nature !? Do creativity, civilization and rationalism make human life different from an animal in the jungle !?

Comparison with animals and humans is nothing new in the past or today, it has been discussed and written about and be kept on and on. Indeed it seems it can never be too much as it goes on as generations come and go and people make the same irrational behavior acts repeatedly over and over again despite the fact that it has been much defined in both simply human and scientific forms as if they are asleep under a furry animal coat. Then what is it ? Is it something that can be changed, needs to be changed or is it enough just to become aware and master this part of man’s nature!?

Each man would like to think about himself as very human by nature and rarely will recognise himself as a wild and dangerous jungle animal unless to satisfy his own ego by comparison with some kind of animal to whom he is in favor. People even decorate themselves with animal symbols in the form of tattoos, or just clothes or other types of extensions outer layers, or do they call others and as dangerous or silly animals to satisfy their own dissatisfaction in weak times about particular situations. It is very difficult for people to conceive themselves as dangerous animals. Rationality will go in favor of rationalizing minds and to make millions of excuses to tell people that they are better than animals. Most of the population lives in the urban area and urbanization makes humans more human or it is just an illusion and urbanization makes it even worse and humans are detached from nature and makes them even wilder in dissatisfaction, like animals living in zoo parks behind bars.

At first I wanted to understand and prove in my own way that man is not an animal, but in doing so I proved the opposite and became more human.


What makes humans superior or more civilized than savage animals in the jungle!? Whether it’s religion, high ethical norms, ethos, rules and laws!? Animals also live in communities with very strict internal rules and hierarchy while are in complete harmony with nature even more than a civilized person in the city.  Civilized means to live under man-made laws and civilized means nothing more than army laws in public space and often more draconian than animal tribes meantime stealing, cheating and killing under kind of high end excuses. It goes even more further with extreme ideas, ideologies, dogmas that make all even worse as a result where people try to escape from their own lives everyday, every moment justifying with rationality themselves rather than accept natural phenomena of human existence. Does it all make that more human or even wilder!? Want or not want, but as any living being is guided by the instinct of survival and fear as a fundamental biological self defending mechanism with the universal force of nature embedded in everywhere. This is a matter of entropy and the principle of conservation of states of energy. 

Creativity is not as man could think of it as unique to humans. Man can observe this unique creativity in nature more than in his own assumed creation. All the man is doing is trying to replicate and corrupt by few ones everything that has been seen, touched, smelled, heard and felt what’s already been there since the beginning of deep time. Seems or not it fits into patterns of nature rather something that’s been outside of his own thoughts, just depends on which pattern each individual fits in to satisfy necessities of common good of the Universe flow or it is a molecule, bacteria, animal or simply superior man of the chain. 

After a few talks with Arvis something repelled me from him in the beginning but at the same time I was attracted to know more and more about his ideas and messages. More I found out, the more I found out about myself and my behavior which opened me completely to a new path in my life. He is a hard nut to crack it, first you will crack yourself before him indeed to find out that’s me who is been a hard nut.

– Bryan –

People’s rational minds give the space to speculate on it with brainwashing and coursing in wrong directions by using human’s animal behavior as supposedly pure human nature under sake of common good labels for humanity.  In this regard most of the population is very unaware of all of that. Sitting by motion picture screens and other types of media by feeding them like animals in zoo parks behind bars even not noticing any bar around or even with them being fed with it.  This all makes a perfect urbanized jungle place with unreachable fences for predators to prepare their meal or to celebrate in different fests of times in a dystopian quest of technocracy in the past and today.

Beauty could be for a man a freedom of choice, preserve his wisdom and to be authentic with his inner nature and master it. People can love animals either in cities or in nature. And in relation to one’s own and other animals nature can create a harmonious environment for himself and others whether they are people or animals, or anything that may seem alive or inanimate. People may not have religious texts, rules or laws written on paper unless they are aware of their own and the power of nature. Do animals in jungles have all this for them and at the same time even everything exists and fulfills all their needs for forever. Can a man do better!? A man absorbs the spirit of animals just like an animal does absorb man’s nature, the spirit of a human being is nearby or spiritually energetically seemingly distant, in prolonged or short time interaction with each other perpetually.

Is the Cult of Toxic Positivism Getting Fuckin Dangerous These Days

  The industry of personal development and spiritual growth today pops up like mushrooms after the rain and has become a milliard business cult. People are getting brainwashed starting from each individual to the masses, which leads to a very dangerous path to sustain a healthy minded society itself. 

  The industry of personal development and spiritual growth today pops up like mushrooms after the rain and has become a milliard business cult. People are getting brainwashed starting from each individual to the masses, which leads to a very dangerous path to sustain a healthy minded society itself. 

There are various cults of the development of human minds that have been around since deep time as far as human consciousness can reach in ancient writings, culture, religions, art and so on. All as one offers people fundamentally the same promise of a magical paradise on the face of the Earth. At the end of history, as can be seen, it has not gone far enough apart from a few individuals. Of which probably some have only reached full enlightenment and these individuals may not even be visible and attainable in everyday human dimensions.

Despite all this, there are certain personalities nowadays, selected recognizable and idealizable from history that give people a sense that they are the chosen ones, and modern communication platforms give these individuals the place where to play even more and create the illusion that they are some kind of demigods. The industry of personal development and spiritual growth today pops up like mushrooms after the rain and has become a milliard business cult. Meanwhile, those demigods have no real interest to help trouble-stricken individuals or even humanity as a whole and at the end of the day they don’t give a shit about it! All they crave is fame, power and money from the masses who worship them.

When I look back now to all our conversations with Arvis, I realized that there was this single but very important question at the beginning of our second session and that changed everything. I got the motivation to realize my dreams and that changed my life upside down for all 100 % and it worth so much. I know that now I have my key to my own paradise. I have changed the way I work, live and feel.

– Michael –

In the very depths of this cult, everything they do all the time is agitating positive thinking and keeping focus on illusory dreams and running away from reality itself. It became like a mantra for so many: ”Think positive, think positive…”, but that’s all bullshit!!! People are doing so much for self development and still failing after all they have done. Following gurus, reading books, watching inspiring videos etc. does not change anything. Some choose to fake their reality to pretend to be what they are not by nature and at the same time they do not change while others are simply consuming people’s energy to feed their own egregore and that could become very addictive for both sides. Fake positivity is just a successful spiritual mask for others till they are exhausted themselves deep inside. The Internet gives the perfect place for all of this. Necessity of hard work creates an illusory ”right path” instead of redirecting to do the right thing. Cultivating the belief that only positive thinking will change everything sounds like a cult that leads to isolation and more deeper  issues. Believe it or not, but most people who fall into these traps follow and continue to promote these individuals doing themselves more harm than good. Man is not created for that kind of uplifted self being constantly. 

Man and nature itself have a much more complex relationship and can not go against each other, but have to go in harmony by creating true synergy. It is human nature to be constantly between these polarities, whether negative or positive, these forces of nature accompany us in all actions through life. All begins when babies are born coming out in air from warm womb liquid, they are exposed to a new environment, so that makes them cry right away because of their disappointment.   As an example from negative to positive this cry expands the baby’s lungs and expels amniotic fluid and mucus.  They feel sore from this trauma of birth, even without looking backwards from the best experience in the mother’s womb experience and who knows what else this soul carries with it. Humans are trauma based society and that makes us who we really are as humans, has been and will be. It’s not a negative thing or positive, it’s just as it is and has to be so.

We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.

Marshall McLuhan

People who are working in the mental health domains see more and more appearing these inner conflicts between emotional and physical bodies and to spotlight harsh reality how brains want to escape the hidden emotional pain. The brain operating human bodies with denied emotional pain in their hearts now are growing even more than ever seen before. People are constantly tired, anxious, full with grief, guilt, trying to escape with drugs and alcohol, but as result of this escapism suicide rates are growing very rapidly in this emergency scale. People are avoiding professional assistance as they have been instructed to just be positive, be patient and wait. Narcissistic individuals don’t want to hear negative dramas and nobody else wants to listen to them either or even listen to each other. Humans are encountering various kinds of issues, especially in this digital era of communications that comes with unprecedented  addiction of dopamine levels by showing only positive emotions and positive sides of themselves. People are getting brainwashed starting from each individual to the masses, which leads to a very dangerous path to sustain a healthy minded society itself. 

People have to live through a real catharsis experience with all ups and downs,  in and out, backs and forths in order to manifest what they really need. Everything should be questioned, totally everything, especially themselves firstly then positive vibes and all other positive manifestations will come naturally. It is important to be brave and face reality and be empathetic to their own shadows and to others as well. Heart mostly communicates in one direction to the brain and needs to be listened to more often than surrender to the brain. Choosing and understanding right vibrations could be setting up by seeding right words in action. To see and change the past with love and compassion, and the present and future is unfolding itself magically like by changing the filter of light when it tries to shine through a soul through a traumatic human body. Human is like a raw diamond which needs to be cut and polished to its brilliance by touch of a selected trustworthy and passionate lapidarist for a special amount of facets in order to reflect the rainbows of penetrating light.

Are People Experiencing a Historical Time of the Testing of the Soul

The most challenging thing in this human experience is that there is nowhere to escape than to become aware of this experience itself and be in charge.

The most challenging thing in this human experience is that there is nowhere to escape than to become aware of this experience itself and be in charge.

Apocalypse is nothing new in human consciousness from ancient times as if it had never left human consciousness wandering around it. It is passed from generations to generations with different views and any growing adult has raised intimately or publicly about this issue in the past or in possible future. After all there is no past or future and everything is now, but now can be experienced from different dimensions. Some of these dimensions come closer and some further to human’s experience in natural cycles. This particular dimension can intensify for each individual in his experience at the same time as collective consciousness regardless of actual perceived reality, it can be sensed within backbones as intuition that something is not right and something feels to act in some unknown way.

As this experience intensifies, people may feel that they have been all this time under silent attack known as a soul-catching. It can be like when somebody tries to poison another, and do it several times and in different ways, but that another doesn’t even suspect it! Everything that this person feels even sometimes unconsciously that he does not feel good in the spirit or in the flesh. It can be reflected in any activity, whether it is at work or in personal time. It can show up as his passive or active actions, even without suspecting any existence of hidden influencers of such actions. It reflects fully visible and invisible details and was reflected in nature itself without even appreciating its power of manifestation as there weren’t more than just a biological living organism offline with the surrounding nature. The forces of nature can be reflected in the reality created by human consciousness, as in small or large climatic events. Starting from the single individual and ending with the massive collective manifestation of experience.

“Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news.”

-Zbigniew Brzezinski-

All people are interconnected with the laws of nature, including their surrounding space. Some beings are very aware of all of that and tend to use it for their own evil beneficial purposes and use all secret natural forces hidden in plain sight like nature does by self, as well. The digital age reinforces this experience by harnessing these forces even deeper, trying to make every soul hacked and released never again into a natural cycle regardless of common cosmic law of human freedom of choice. This experience can lead to disastrous results for human civilisation as natural human annihilation with no return. This experience already has shown adverse reactions that have occurred over the decades or even centuries as a result of this manipulation, increasing feelings of insecurity, stress, anxiety and much more that basically sucks out human souls. The most challenging thing in this human experience is that there is nowhere to escape than to become self-conscious or metacognitive to their invisible and visible actions and to experience and lead this revelation as far as possible according to the needs of his soul-searching, starting from each individual and expanding it to collective dimensions.

It would seem an easy task but it isn’t the case nor in different time periods nor today and it’s a very short time people have left now. Most of the people are totally unaware of themselves and do not even comprehend their own emotions and actions caused by the real life manifestation. Those people are already kind of biorobots led by others unconsciously. People used to run away from their own shadows, and the further they run the bigger the shadow grows behind them and less visible their light becomes. Less visibility means less feeling to be in charge of themselves, events around, the less conscious they are of the freedom of choice they actually possess.

”We drive into the future using only rear view mirror”

-Marshall McLuhan-

The only way is to stop each for himself first and get awareness of their own shadows and deepen them to awareness and course of change with mastery of their own thoughts, emotions and actions. Reality begin to manifest for their real necessities in each individual and collective hive mind. It requires profound and daily intensive work and guidance for the power of truth and trust, which could shorten the time period of self integrity and mastery. The forces in nature are shining out this evidently and  beautifully as the dual force permeates through all of nature and at the same time it is a neutral observer and potentially influencer covering each other, whoever it is.

Likewise humans experience in their lives unexpected earthquake events move smaller and larger landmasses of the Earth’s crust to be torn, shattered or swallowed into the subsoil. Sudden eruptions of volcanoes burn and everything drown in ashes, it changes the atmosphere around and spreads even far away in different directions. Unavoidable floods and tsunamis are depleting as much as a huge force can carry with it everything and everywhere. In the air, the tension of waiting and coming storms carries everything far into the air, whirling, ripping and tearing  everything along the way, but at the end of the day, land calms down and finds stability. The volcano has created new areas of land, fire subsides and ash settles. The water flow finds its deepest bed and is cleared and the strongest winds find their deepest silent. Nature has sacrificed itself for change in the life-cycle of self-preservation. Not everything has survived as it has before and has become like compost for everything new to the same old. Young trees, shrubs, plants, animals and all life vibrating returning new strength to renew themselves. Connect in a harmonious moving direction in a stable symbiosis with everything around everyone, permeate just like a tree root or fungus communicates, using bacteria and in other ways giving each other what it needs all the more at that time. Everything happens as if it had some neutral observer who realizes, understands and masters the secret codes of frequencies hidden in the electromagnetic subtle fields.

Human Body or Much More

The perception of the human body is embedded in people’s perceptions so deeply that people manifest themselves as a self-evident reality.

The people’s comprehension about the human body is embedded so deeply in people’s perceptions that people manifest themselves as a self-evident reality.

Human evolution theory is embedded in human perception so strongly that it’s like a soil into which everything else grows according to this perceived manifestation in the first place. But still it is only a theory which no human can prove and not confirm, but continue to use this soil as something real and unchanging. So all life has evolved from supposedly simple biological physical organisms to complex seemingly material beings what people call physical bodies today?

Physical bodies sound like something that can be felt seemingly solid, feel a smell or even a taste, transmit a sound and perceive by sight, and yet it also has a mysterious consciousness to still comprehend for scientists and humans themselves.  These perceptions can be perceptible if other perceptions are missed which the leading science has just begun to accept and meantime mislead into an illusionistic reality intentionally by adding digital or virtual reality to it.

Theory of evolution and ”big explosion” has the same odor of a past with deadly sulfur and ammonium, dangerous volcanic eruptions accompanied by toxic carbon monoxide and other gases and lack of vital water, air and soil on Earth for the fruitful development of life. But still this theory is built on it and is ingrained in people’s subconscious and for sure also in consciousness perceptions. That creates the important illusion as if people come from a dangerous past world ruled by simple microorganisms who somehow managed to develop as primates and finally work made us as complex creatures, who are heading to a safe and happy future. Nobody wants to return to such a time and place, and wherever else, for sure to be able to integrate it into the present. It’s like a whip with which people flog themselves like primitive creatures without realizing their true purpose. But what if it however, in reality everything is completely the opposite of the theorized and perceived past!?

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.”

– Charles Darwin –

In contrary to this supposed reality, the past may not be physically or solid, but more fluid or plasma alike and not less complex but just been present in different states of matter and more brilliant functions of whole nature itself, what today, as time goes on, is encapsulated in seemingly physicality with human own perception itself manifesting it as part of the only true reality in its cosmic egg, or womb. With the change of people’s perception of the history of mankind, his own manifest reality also changes at the present and future, which man had never perceived before as something really existing. The perception of time itself is relative and is a construction of the human mind which one experiences and is able to influence respecting the forces of nature.

A man has eyes, a window of his soul that can observe something and follow what he perceives and have a full comprehension. It can affect all people who experience life and ask those big questions about the meaning of life and how to improve themselves in this experience of cosmic egg. The first forms of communication as five senses are very limited, but enough to trigger these senses as much higher instruments in vibrations to perceive the world in a completely different way. These communications of the soul are biochemical extensions in the physical dimensions as everything else is encapsulated with time from plasma and electromagnetic dynamics realms. From the point of view of electromagnetic dynamics, the perception of a man’s already subjective point of view of the world opens up completely different dimensions to learn more about nature itself as well.

How a human soul is repositioning in the subtle realm is very delicate issue but however everything is electromagnetic nature and a man needs to leave this issue for a soul to explore if it’s still matters anymore by then but however in this womb people tend to rise questions to solve their experience in the best. In order for a soul to experience true play needed for him here on Earth needs a functional body according to his necessities. Necessities are the extensions of his soul later on a consciousness is raised to be gardener of his own garden. Till then he uses parents to seed and motion himself into mother ‘s womb and as the seed grows he needs a bigger womb which people call the Earth. The embryo as seed is growing by taking very little genetic material from parents which he uses to grow and develop all necessities for his present life experiences.

“I will keep my body charged with energy for fulfilment of my purpose, in accord with that which is commanded of me…”

– Walter Russell –

Genetics or pertaining to origins as meaning of this word and not only parental genetics but also vibrations frequencies which comes into play and as time goes on it keeps updating and communicating as antennas with the rest of the realm. The realm is very vast, cells, bacteria and any kind of tiny particles of the inner and outer worlds are communicating in very complex waveforms such as by using electromagnetic waves as light and electromagnetic impulses;  super electric, dielectric, magnetic and diamagnetic  into multidimensional crystalline fractal micro and macro cosmos realms. These realms are like hidden from the conscious body but yet these billions of functions are the main vital autonomous ground for consciousness at the same time to exist without a need to focus one of these functions unless it’s necessary.

Organic or no organic substances of the matter they all are built from the same atoms, which themselves are manifested as plasma-like appearance in human perception. Plasma means something is molded or manifested to appear with different physical qualities for specific necessities to make this cosmic egg in function. As a man grows and takes and returns anything further in the cycle of nature during his life, he takes only what is necessary for his manifestation through various filters. Whether they are good or not, they are only his own filters as masks for his soul to communicate with his own consciousness and others. Whether a man sees it or not depends on his own knowledge and perception.

It can be anything like food, air and any other electromagnetic waves, specifically human emotions driven as everything else by biochemistry in synergy with internal and external worlds into the same metaphorical womb. People are masters to wear different masks, the main one as women or men, for longer time period ones and faster ones to change according to the actual multidimensional situations he is experiencing with his more than five senses. Also using in symbiosis the seven main wheels of man in a link with his surroundings and in unison with the starry tree branches of the cosmos. The heart holds the strongest fields, followed by the brain and guts, the rest of wheels as much as crucial, just with different qualities. Moving through the psychological and physical dimensions using his legs and manipulating with his hands man creates things mentally and physically for good or not for his soul.

”Fire lives in the death of earth, air lives in the death of fire, water lives in the death of air, and earth in the death of water.”

– Heraclitus –

Man has absorbed various qualities that are found in nature, whether it is biologic or mineral characteristics and various other phenomena such as basic elements; fire, air, earth and water, which are fundamental natural driving forces and all have this plasma as all in these states of matter constantly are changing. Humanity itself is the best natural perpetual technology on Earth with freedom of choice and will, as a fine energy emitter, receiver, transformer and transmuter and that’s all been embedded from the beginning of time perception. Humans individually or collectively continue to flow like water from one generation to another, from grandparents to parents to everyone personally and individually like the snake meanders, throwing smaller and larger bends to move forward in its drama or comedy, creating a sense of evolution lining between these dualistic forces. 

Man is conscious or not of this, but he lives in synchronization with his inner, or close and distant people, in synergy with the whole environment according to forces of nature governed by fine mathematics and geometry patterns as electromagnetic manifestation. Only his conscious part can explore when looking from various perceptions and see the awareness of other creatures and returning back to his ego to preserve his survival and existence.  Emitting light, placebo, telepathy, intuition, dreamers, true cosmic travellers who exchange those are forgotten qualities given to humans and have been remaining still today to be rediscovered again for human well-being.

The Human body has very metaphysical properties and to comprehend humans would take eternity but awareness of successful experience requires just action. Exercising, dancing and creating things by going where nowhere none has been before with his consciousness we are manifesting our reality. Everyone truly is a genius and measuring his well-being is very simple by asking questions about his happiness of experiences or  life path as a whole all together from birth to death… 

Can Really Poor or Rich People Experience a Life of Genuine Well-Being

No one can buy genuine well-being despite whether a human is poor or rich. But rather, his own attitude to his life with small or large physical wealth can experience genuine well-being by mastering attitude.

No one can buy genuine well-being despite whether a human is poor or rich. But rather, his own attitude to his life with small or large physical wealth can experience genuine well-being by mastering attitude.

Wealth is something that affects anyone who lives here on Earth, whether they are children or adults. Fundamentally, it affects everyone from childhood with vigorous absorption to the end of life, even when people think they leave life behind. People create monuments for themselves, as if it were worth the meaning, instead leaving behind a nice meaning for those who are still here. It engraves the trace for everyone in different ways and these cycles repeat again and again from generation to generation for centuries. It is something by which people unconsciously measure each other whether he is poor or rich and it could be sometimes also intentionally.

Is that wealth something which one day could be even for everybody to enjoy as well-being? Could be, but it would take a lot of natural challenging effort to make this balance and influence around the world and also with people’s own self-actions, not with those who think they are the chosen ones, because as subjective selfish interests would always be involved in this process. Yet autonomous nature does not represent it in itself, because it has polarities on different scales, and it balances itself on a time scale with the forces of nature itself. 

Every human has to act on their own or someone assist in this process, or if a human gets the conditions to reinforce this help from someone of greater strength or someone who just passes nearby by spontaneous actions. At the end of the day it is not about physical wealth but how humans live their lives and attitude to their situation regardless of their physical wealth. As only with physical wealth, no one can buy genuine well-being despite whether a human is poor or rich. But rather, his own attitude to his life with small or large physical wealth can experience genuine well-being by mastering attitude to it.

Changing my own attitude

I’ve run through half my life. Get the best schools, best job and finally the best presumably husband who was busy all the time and so on until I lost everything I had run for. And what’s the point in the end??? I got the feeling that I had felt pressure from my parents at a young age. When I had got rid of everything I had been holding on to, I only realized that I could start enjoying a true happy life and move towards greater freedom and to do what I really wanted to do and meet someone too who holds the same values.  So I changed my attitude to my own life and don’t  allow myself to be influenced by others anymore. But I guess you can’t understand it until you burn out one day.

People can change their attitude to pattern how they experience the moment of their lives and can buy a well-being emotionally enriching experience instead of buying empty promises within products or services. Humans are driven to satisfy their animal biochemistry needs. These needs are necessary and not meant to escape but change cliches that make them really happy and enjoy the present moment in life. Stop running for something for which they are consciously really not aware of and start to create better today and not tomorrow. Living in natural harmony with their biochemical needs to satisfy it and living with the spiritual meaning that they really should experience while being here. Right thing to do in life is very necessary to genuinely enjoy life.

Self-awareness and free thinking and great ambitions can change a lot in people’s lives. No one has to be poor or excessively super rich; those are two pillars of dilemmas and to find a perfect balance of comfort that actually is enough to satisfy the deep human nature of power. Everything else is rushing to physical and mental compensations, especially those that are embedded during childhood. The feeling of fear of losing something is sinking more into selfishness and meanness than seeking emotional reward from others, while some will be even more jealous instead of rewarding those who run after even more inferiority in emotional compensation. Seeking for more power is another illusion which leads to solitude and manipulations of others. Are those solutions to happiness and well-being or rather end up with drug and alcohol abuse and end up in collapse by being poor or rich? 

Humans are consuming too much media, which creates a false perception of human values that’s actually not necessary for a happy life. People comparing themselves with others are actually limiting who they can really be and what they should be to explore in their journey during their lives. Everyone is a genius creature, and all they need is to stop controlling others and start digging deep enough to plant their roots and connect with the forces of nature and grow as beautiful flowers or trees or whatever else he might be in his true nature. Has anyone seen in nature flowers growing as trees or vice versa? Even worse, the flower that controls the trees and tries to influence each other instead of living in symbiosis, and at the same time all grow from the same soil under the same weather influences and through water taking what is needed and giving further back in the natural cycle, benefiting others as well.

My key to win-win and empathy in business.

I was a very successful man in my own business but my appetite to earn more and more led to loneliness  and mental emptiness. I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I thought that my fame and richness would make me happy and let me enjoy life as I wish but indeed it wasn’t true. I broke and I couldn’t find to talk to anyone about it till I decided to step down and I talked with a life mentor. I taught very great things which gave back meaning in my life.  Very simple things like empathy and to win-win in all situations kept my business alive and I got new very close friends. Now I’m so excited that I’m teaching these things, even to my business colleagues. Just listen to others, that’s all you need! 

Man can be like an oak in the middle of a field in solitude but at the same time gives more power to others too. It can straighten into the soil and feed with its root connections to other creatures in the soil and in the meantime birds can benefit from its fruits or fruits and leaves will end up falling down on the soil nurturing furthermore. Everything is connected to relationships as in family or not that close even sometimes it’s not seen directly. These relationships are very powerful and are needed to develop all together as one. Everything in nature is in equilibrium and investing resources in the right way to win-win is fruitful action always.

Everything is a constant flow of energy like substance and owning is not always needed to be happy or satisfy necessary physical and subtle needs. Precise quality instead of quantity where it is not required can make a big change. Just like in some situations less could be more. Nature is a true artist, in someone’s eyes. But nature does not think about it herself that way, because it is like a kind of byproduct of natural processes. It finds his safety naturally not from fears but as a natural sense of self preservation balancing actions.  How come that the creatures of nature always find themselves free time, but man no? Sometimes a man needs to learn from it and slow down, and enjoy, and appreciate the moments with all that he has now.

Does a river have a specific aim or it has its natural undeclared aim and it flows to the direction where it finds its easier bed and reaches a place where it has even more abundance of everything. At the same time bringing within what needs for other creatures on its course without losing nothing but rather just gaining and having enough. If there are no other disturbances on the course from other unwise polluting action but still a river will do itself natural cleansing or healing with meandering forces. Health is the most important aspect for everything in nature otherwise it needs to be seen as a sign of required action. These well-being features a man shall educate themselves and adapt to change and always find a fresh start when is needed

I see my well-being in everything small.

After a decade of rat race in my life I decided to slow down my path and find meaning and well-being in my life in very small things. All is just perception. Change your perception in small things and life is changing itself in big things.

The wealth or money is just like water which gives pleasant glitter to the human eyes, the sound vibrates in the ears to feel relaxing and abundant joy. Water can carry any type of smell of something, water has mystical properties of memories, which one can’t really explain yet. Water is so malleable it can take any shape and form, it reflects the light of everything as the sun or moonlight. Hot, cold and wet to any creature’s senses can do both harm or good. So all depends on mastering it and none owns it but a man can change their attitude to it to serve as well-being in their lives and others as well.

Does Some Are Influencing Design of Man’s Realm

Humans have been coursed into false reality with misleading information with general cultural rooted symbols impregnated with lower deterministic animal fears of survival. To carry out actions with critical thinking and common sense for truth is absolutely necessary today. If a man is unaware about the design of his realm, it means that someone else has designed it for him. 

When it comes to acknowledging the source of influence on the masses and on an individual scale, this is a very complex issue. The only definite action is to go back up to the source of the flow where all it begins, even a person could circling back to the beginning. It is not that he would lose something of this flow of influence in the process of time, but rather be aware of the whole cycle and sources of information that he has absorbed without realizing down to the bottom of that stream. And most humans need to be aware of it, even if he could try to deny it. That’s how strong the impact is on individuals and everyone!

It is understandable that people know that but not fully aware that the biggest influencers in the common ethos are occulting groups, religions, politics, corporations and simply to scaling down on a single being in people’s daily lives. Ethos is like the whole cosmos of the mood in space and time dividing to polarities of ethics and dogmas. These are strings that influence people’s development from birth to the last breath, it might continue after too. Not necessary, all influences are and have been unfavourable for a man. All depends on awareness and use of it. People can not escape the influence, but rather manage the information with which they are sprayed on a daily basis.

My kickoff from sleep.

I guess for each it is very different how each is getting  to awaken from this sleep but my kickoff from this sleep was financial crises back then more than a decade ago. Since then I have been getting aware of things which are influencing my perception and how I live.

Humans have been coursed into false reality with misleading information with general cultural rooted symbols impregnated with lower deterministic animal fears of survival. The occultists of the upper class are real masters in it, in order to evoke this mythical reality and to create a general ethos for the lower class of people, which in turn gives the lower class the power to create a general ethos and dogmas with religious and cultural beliefs. Politics and corporations go hand to hand to create a carrot and donkey effect with laws and regulations on the general public. Consumerism is one of these courses with creating magical postal cards which never become true by leaving people never to be satisfied and rewarded with real inner harmony of peace with themselves. 

Created false semi gods of industry used as mediums to manipulate public perceptions and lead to take empty promises as real actions. Advertising is more than just selling a product to presumably satisfy human needs. But it surrounds the whole doctrine to lead humans to the next phase of reality of utopia. It’s just like Pavlov’s dog to trigger saliva in people’s mouth before they get something they swallow like a dog and hunger is still there. This manifests by taking more and more people’s attention into issues which were created in the first place. More issues are created, more chaos of dystopia is manifested. These perceptions are sown deep into human emotions and it is rooted like a weed.

My take is to verify everything.

I couldn’t believe that scientists were lying to us with false science to lead distorted reality and even in religious teachings I couldn’t trust anymore. Lies and lies are everywhere.  My take was to start to verify everything today and the more I do, the more I discover the truth. Indeed, it is difficult to appreciate the good side of what the internet or even manipulative social media does. Thanks to my friends who helped me open my eyes even though they are not always right and firstly it seems they are obsessed with crazy conspiracy theories.

Online behavior and big data makes people even more predictable. Fears is are strong emotions to be used to manipulate humans, that includes human basic instinct of survival such as love, food, sex and a try to escape from this reality. Various types of entertainment and that includes religions too are very good for these manipulations, to catch those who are trying to escape, with ways of spending their unconscious time in different dimensions with colors, shapes, numbers and ultimately vibrations. Everything is influencing people’s values and the way how they live their lives or rather survive their lives, even rich ones! Mass psychology is like the ocean that is around the swimmer who wants only to survive, and may not be easy without someone’s help who would give a hand to find stability and prosperity in real life.

Someone may seek truth in science, another in spirituality, to awaken himself from influence, but both science and spirituality are full of doctrinal agents who themselves do not realize that they are such, while others are aware to a certain level, receiving a reward to save their own survival at any cost essentially selling other souls, having already sold themselves first. Not even always angels or other deities can be the real saviors creating a voice of trust today. The search for truth in the voice of the heart is a wise work in harmony with true science and spirituality and it’s a thorough flow over time to bring oneself to be enlightened.

Conscious decisions and self-programming intent.

Only a deep and observed work with myself helped me to separate and better organize the information that came into my life in all sorts of ways on a daily basis. With great consideration and just the need for my inspiration, I allowed information to become a part of me and an expression of my life through conscious decisions and self-programming intent.

To carry out actions with critical thinking is absolutely necessary today.  If a man is unaware about the design of his realm, it means that someone else has designed it for him. That’s how serious it is! Finding a meaning in life with proper ethos and ethics firstly for himself with transparency and self-programming is the only way to recreate the design of his own garden just accepting influences which are well-being for himself and his garden. Information is like water which is influencing garden’s development. It comes from formed  clouds, a water well, ground source and from sharply folded pipes of public domain water. All depends on what or how a gardener is perceiving it and using it for his garden from which he might serve for himself and others too. 

Knowledge is the key of awakening and the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest of all as it gives direct perception of self-awareness and is the perfection of science and spirituality.

Exhausted to Find Common Ground When it Seems Impossible

Polarization in society and individuals is completely natural. The individual itself is the very keynote to creating trust or not rooted in a symbiosis of free will, which has further regularities in the present and systematically in the future of human consciousness.

Polarization in society and individuals is completely natural. The individual itself is the very keynote to creating trust or not rooted in a symbiosis of free will,  which has further regularities in the present and systematically in the future of human consciousness.

Polarization in nature is fundamental, as well the nature of society is part of it since the beginning of time, which has further regularities in the present and systematically in the future of human consciousness.  It affects society in all proportions, starting with the general mood of the public consciousness, politics, business, religion and finally the individual himself.

The individual itself is the very keynote ultimately to create that mood as well as being the most present to possible variation of the outcome. This is followed by two individuals who are forming a dialogue, a third is formed from the dialogue; hence, trust is formed or not. More individuals are involved, more trusts or not are created. Trust is everything to be productive! This is how individuals experience their lives as with the whole society together. As family members, friends, work colleagues, business partners, joint leisure activities and many other joint activities where two or more people are involved to create trust or not.

Trust can be also an unwritten conscious or unconscious agreement in the large and small scale in variations of communications of human perceptions how they perceive their world. The most important part of man is deterministic at a particular time and place due to his physical limitations and his spiritual profile. But still in separation from animals and other creatures he has the opportunity to make this or that choice which leads to a new time and place with his determinate dimensions. This means starting from his own more intimate to more important public or private domains. Fundamentally, human irrational dimensions of the unaware bring the first reactions to a rational and logical sequence of his own actions.

I have found my variations of  path in life.

All I see now is that I must change my thinking habits. I must still comprehend myself more than others in life, because only so, I can comprehend others and the information that I process in myself and share to others.

As all of the consequences of all emotions in which man is in continuous motion, only himself can be a gardener of his own garden and guide of his garden’s visitors, a gardener who is aware of the cons and pros of his garden. As well to find the best time to engage in communication activities with each plant or visitor. This also means that visitors bring their own fields into the garden, as well as in synchronicity plants grow in a garden in its own irrational field, which can also be explained logically and rationally, if followed by a careful desire for analysis.

Analysis can go very deep and complicated. If a wise gardener would dig too deep he would become a digger instead of a gardener. He might dig enough for each plant or even a tree to be planted with curiosity to comprehend his own garden soil firstly according to the various weathers and seasons in his own space. Only for an unwise gardener would it be very unfruitful to let irrational emotions lead without explaining logical reasons and knowledge to be aware of it, which are necessary. Eventually being aware of these facts makes a garden flourishing with a gardener him-self and he would garnish his garden’s visitors.

It is natural that individuals also visit each other’s experiences. A gardener is not a gardener just in his garden only, but brings with him his garden’s experience of visiting another garden with a gardener who might seem illusionary, less wise and experienced. Attending each other cannot be like a thick cloud over each other’s garden creating fruitless consequences without trying to understand the peculiarities and knowledge of the other’s garden. 

With the natural force of flow, the Universe has created different gardens with gardeners. Explicit paths into a garden at the right time with lots of loving sunlight can provide amazing illumination over it, thus contrasting out shadowy places at the same time. Each path in the garden is different, so evaluating and seeking a peaceful communication with the help of interests can only be on the right path and plant.  Each gardener would be thrilled to share about each plant particularities, presumed beauty and shadowy sides of it, and motivations to have it and to maintain it. 

My little touch with the power of empathy.

A sincere empathetic conversation with a friend protected me from possible fatal consequences, which I had blindly ignored. I’m really thrilled that it took so little to open my eyes.

Only a sincere gardener will hear, see and feel it with another gardener’s point of view on his garden and plants. True empathetic understanding of the other in the hard work he has created in his garden with a sweat over his bent back, a worried face and feel the soil with his hands where gardener’s heart has been planted. Discomfort to feel in disagreements and untrust in his work might be fine. Important what a gardener is learning from it and sharing it as feedback from his own garden in return avoiding rushing in judgments, assumptions and stereotypes, thus labelling them as the right way or not how the garden is planted.

That’s completely natural for a plant to grow in a diverse climate, soil, amongst sorts of plantations and stand in solitude of field views. Curiosity in research in different fields, especially about topics is brought up to find a win-win solution, even if it’s just about opinions. A man can never know what’s next on that path around that garden pot and some path with plants can be very specific and not all rational to stats and facts. There is always a meaning of surrounding emotions where plants are planted, even if they are not always rational. Smallest particles, tiniest bacteria, insects, plants, trees and everything else tend to keep the stability of survival. 

Just like anything else tends to safety, stability of survival, the fields of information are not excluded. It flows like water and can flow various directions in beds as they are constructed but can overflow the garden too. On the contrary, drying out of ignorance causes unsustainability of existence in a field. The information flow of the mainstream narrative, what’s right or not, is part of society’s consciousness which is absorbed just like water into soil tends to rise up by forming sugars of plants with stimulus of the sun from that water. There is no escape for anyone who is part of it. Nothing can escape from it, it has to be mindfully looked through everything and comprehend the real motives for this irrational part that is part of this garden and gardener. Force of mass psychoses and instincts flows deep in fibers by copying it each continuous.

I am determined to see my freedom of choice in every precious moment.

We are so determinate, but at the same time with freedom of choice. But I saw it only at the moment when I understood it and it helped me in everyday communication with everyone.

Just like in the garden some plants are more sensitive and mirroring, speaking in their language or listening is mastery of communication. For some it needs to take time and respect each of it and come back when it is needed. Everything has a precise order in nature, not only plants and trees are parts of an garden, but there might be improving tuning vibes with statues perfectly positioned with calming water fountain sound, birds and wind in trees makes a natural symphony in human ears and eyes for those who sit on a bench at the giving moment and time. Only in perfect harmony of common interests are builded later on fruits that can be harvested when time is right. 

Metaphorically, the essential minerals in gardens are delivered by water, positive change and support of change is that much essential. Laws of nature are always present and everything is planted and harvested with support with vibrant water flow at the right time of the seasons; it means common sense and answers are grounded with trust of synergetic force. 

Can The Lockdown Be an Opportunity

Opportunity knocks but once. The world hasn’t experienced anything like this ever before. Depending on each man’s individual circumstances, the lockdown can affect people in different ways. Humanity is in the largest psychological experiment ever. The pandemic shaping people’s mental perception into the future.

Opportunity knocks but once. The world hasn’t experienced anything like this ever before. Depending on each man’s individual circumstances, the lockdown can affect people in different ways. Humanity is in the largest psychological experiment ever. The pandemic shaping people’s mental perception into the future.

Opportunity knocks but once. The world hasn’t experienced anything like this ever before. This experience has a great influence on everyone around the world in the short and long term. It has an influence on culture, traditions, relationships, work, free time activity, mental and physical health, and basically on everything else. Distancing from loved ones and the rest of society is very challenging for human beings at any time. All these kinds of conditions bring fear, stress, polarisation, frustration, and confusion in the society. Depending on the circumstances of each individual, the lockdown can affect people in different ways.

Humans are pushed into the digital world. So many people spend so much of their time in front of various digital screens throughout the day by keeping their focus with information overflowing with pandemic phobia and obedience. At the same time, thirst for truth and information does not make the situation any easier. Meanwhile, within each person’s uniqueness, most people are forced to follow government guidelines in this extraordinary situation that can condition people in a way that no one would have thought possible. Like doing things against free will! Humans are in the greatest psychological experiment ever. The pandemic shaping people’s mental perception into the future.

Especially of what falls out of the lockdown are cultural and traditional aspects, to which most people are accustomed from ancient times. Events like public meeting places, work, public entertainments, sport events, national events, religious ceremonies and countless other activities. All these suspensions make people overestimate his omnipresent situation. In respect to what is around and inside him in his actual point of view. And it doesn’t always mean right and wise manners. Many people are generally following the same routines day by day, month by month and year by year. During the lockdown people lose their points of reference and affect memories. Some start looking back and dives into nostalgia to seek stability. Sleep habits and dreams have been affected. As the days of lockdown lengthen, many may start to have an issue remembering what day it is. In the face of uncertainty and not knowing what will happen tomorrow, the mind acts by feeding fear. This will make most people focus their intention on negative and irrational ideas. Mental health implications for children, adolescents and adults and loss of common sense has become widespread. Basically society is on a social reset. 

A challenging time for couples. Many couples overview their relationships, many get into divorce others getting just better and closer. Separation from children, parents and any loved ones could be emotionally triggering. Turning away and disagreeing amongst friends, family, and others in society with different views and perceptions about pandemic leads to self isolation and loneliness. It becomes very challenging just simply for our quests to find love. Which could be quite essential not only for the continuation of humanity, and soul-beings experiences but to make people’s lives more rosy ones too. People are used to hugging, shaking hands or kissing when meeting. People today are experiencing suppression of these aspects of human essential needs. None imagined something crazy like that earlier in his life.

I’ve fallen in love with you again.

Lockdown gave us time, time we didn’t make for ourselves. It made us both present. It helped you to relax, and helped me to get to know you better. We’ve explored and experimented with each other. We’ve broken down barriers. We’ve started a new chapter. We’ve created magical memories.

The role of nature does not spare no one. If something changes fundamentally, then absolutely everything changes. A very important aspect of this situation, of course, is also wealth flow, whether it is work or business. Many people are affected in the way they continue to prosper their income. Some have just casted away from the market, and now they are in a situation in between the new financial flows of activity, or worse. People are seemingly left without a choice and forced to do things they do not need to do for a living. Allegorically speaking, many now stand on the edge of the cliff and are pushed to fall or fly. It’s a new normal or just an opportunity for better change. 

Spending time with family, loved ones, friends and many others have leisure activities for each, most of which are also off the road at the moment. Others with increasing free time have found new activities. People have started doing what they haven’t done before. It sounds good and quite possible that this is a productive activity, despite the fact that finally these people are forced to change their routine. Of course for many it requires a reorientation and a new discipline. In any case, this is the time that people have had, and now it is possible to do even more. Whether a man sees this as an opportunity for self-development or vice versa, it all depends on how a man acts in these situations. Under pressure, most do not react constructively and fruitfully.

I fly again!

I couldn’t think of it but I changed my attitude to the situation and magically I was in my well-being new wealthy life. Even if this situation unfortunately is very suppressing and challenging, something changed and now I can feel more free as never before.

Many love to travel and discover new places. For these people, this is an offensive time when freedom of travel and movement which are fundamental human rights are today limited and abused. Including freedom of expression and free choice to choose what they want to choose or it’s simply shopping, health care issues or just simply going to the beach. Man’s spiritual free will is at stake, or does a man lose it or gain it back within greater scale.

Personal health care issues are the most touching subjects after all in this lockdown situation. People are being forced to accept a narrow narrative about how to take care of their own health. This makes it confusing and frustrating for a free male or female. This is a try to shape new perceptions about people’s own health whether it’s mental or physical. Both are the same from a higher vibration standpoint. This is a very critical time when people need to wake up and express their concerns and choose what they need to choose to be right for each individual.

I found new meaning in my life!

The lockdown came into my life so fast that I found myself emotionally in it with a delay. But by acting with a fresh look and changing my perspectives I’m back again on my path or even better now than before even if I’m aware that many challenges are ahead of us but these challenges will play good for me and I hope for others too.

At the end of the day, everyone individually needs to get what’s right. It could also mean standing against crowds and meantime against mass psychosis. It could be emotionally exhausting after a while of experience. It means finding a way to flow to a direction where it flows easier regardless of ethics. Overall it’s not only a physical or psychological challenge but also for some who are soul-searching in spirituality. New Agers ignorance and focus only on seemingly positive intentions won’t help for everything in this situation either. The lockdown requires more than just intention but a real action in common sense because the reality people are facing it, like a cold shower and makes people wake up from mass mental sleep. And to be on the right path of one’s life, individual work with oneself is now inevitable for each.

If a human being still breathes and reads this, he is still in the right time and space. Each can get back better or just simply to be. Simply to be is already better and all that a human being just needs is this moment of being. It’s not an easy task for most humans without an assistant to light up this path. However, starting to let everything evaporate into nothingness is a small step but an enormous change. Chance of practicing mindfulness is very key to unlocking the lockdown. 

Sometimes also for an adult nothing can be better than a good sleep just like in wonderland childhood back in time. Watching a fly buzzing overhead to stick eyes where it sits or just daydreaming through the window to planes fly by. To be present and self-aware of the situation could mean a huge transformation.

Live in consensus with an encompassing loving passion. With happiness and joy feel the future. All comes at once in peace when a human being is in harmony with himself firstly. Human perceptions and behaviours change and open up to empathy. A man needs a space for himself and a sense of freedom and safety. Safety is not meant to stagnate, but to allow oneself to ambition. A human is like a ball which tends to conserve the energy of momentum. In order to use the potential meaning of energy it must be allowed to circulate, an opportunity to slow down or speed up.

Finding a space to have for each is very important but also finding common ground with others, especially with family, friends and close ones. Build a new path with a loving partner, or enjoy quality time with the children. Establishing new fresh or sustainable productive activity with supportive partners for physical or spiritual common good. 

What could be better for a human being than to pamper the mental and physical body with breathing, meditation, reading, creating art or exercising with something relaxing. Writing down dreams is something what a real dreamer would do. Talking with the right people can help or stay silent, walk or just sit aside. Build new routines and play with your time.  Seed a mind with the right information. 

In a sense of awareness of information flow people are waking up and are waking up even more everyday. So a man can benefit from this information flow or this information flow benefits from a man. Worldwide or local connectivity is not new, but it just changes fashion today, expanding and contracting just like everything else does in nature. Then the intense period of the lockdown might have offered a welcome opportunity for personal growth. Seeing things that might come will come with positive sides of it and with opportunities. New education, self-awareness and self-identification with common sense for well-being. Attitudes towards technology adoption, balancing time for your work and leisure. Focus on what you can do today. Faith something in higher forces. Doing the right things for yourself and humanity. To see yourself as free men or women. 

Keeping up with the forces of nature is a pure genius synergy in our lives. Nature never fears or complains but rather it is simply adopting and collaborating with all laws of natural forces. Nothing can stop this and don’t have to because of it, it is just gaining more strength to grow and flourish or it gives away its existence for benefits to other species. A pond overgrown with algae is shading a light into its bottom by changing a course for species there, which feeds from light and oxygen. So they become a nutrition for other species or because of regularities in nature and miraculously happens to have oxygen and light finds its way in the bottom pit of a pond. It can be a strong wind or heavy rain or what else. The nature have all tools of forces a man can’t imagine. So there are natural consequences or intentional work to integrate these forces accordingly. After these natural regularities nothing seems so dark as before and nature just keeps adapting to changes and anyone who is involved in this pond’s life now enjoys what’s been serving from it.

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